My Story

My story starts back when I was a personal trainer with an extensive knowledge in nutrition. I tried many protein bars that had terrible tastes and textures whereas the good tasting ones were full of sugar. So, I decided to take my passion for cooking and nutrition using real ingredients and create a new protein bar! We are making nutritious delicious!

They are super high in protein and fiber and super low in sugar! Keto-Vego bars: Chocolate Chip Evolution, Death by Chocolate,Cinnamon Raisin Innovation. Muffin/Cupcake/Pancake Mixes: Black and White Unity and Cinnamon Maple Marriage. Pudding Mixes: Death by Chocolate, Cinnamon Sweetheart and Cafe Mocha.

At keto-Vego our MISSION is to help you to take care of your health and the health of your family. We make nutritious delicious!